Asheville Counseling Center

Welcome to Asheville Counseling Center

Hello, My name is Guy Morganstein with Asheville Counseling Center, and I help people make changes for healthier living and better relationships. Maybe I can help you.

I realize that it is often difficult to take this first step in getting assistance for problems you have been unable to resolve on your own. Reaching out to another for help, not knowing what to expect, or even how the whole counseling process works can be scary. I am here, at Asheville Counseling Center, to let you know that as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) with over 30 years of mental health and substance abuse counseling experience, I believe that you absolutely CAN make changes necessary to improve your mood, relationships, and quality of life.

My focus is on helping you, your partner, or your family identify and practice real skills to solve problems, create lasting changes and reach your goals. I have helped couples improve communication, rekindle their sense of intimacy, and avert patterns which may result in conflict. I have also worked for many years helping children and teens who have behavior and mood issues.

I help people with excessive anxiety, stress, depression, anger issues, alcohol and drug problems, trauma, grief and loss, life transitions, abuse, chronic illness, and LGBTQ issues.

In addition to traditional talk therapy, I use a simple tapping procedure, called EFT. EFT is an easy to learn technique, where you tap on certain places on the body around the face and chest to reduce or extinguish anxiety, stress, traumatic memories, anger and many other problems. Healing effects can often be felt in just a few minutes. Once you have learned how to do EFT, you can use it anytime, whenever you need it, not only during therapy sessions.

I provide professional and caring counseling in a safe, confidential and compassionate environment that is respectful of your desires and needs. You can say what you need, be who you are, and make the changes you know it is time to make.