Asheville Counseling Center

My Practice

Drug and Alcohol problems: Are you concerned about your drug or alcohol use? Have others expressed concerns about your use? One area I have worked with throughout my career has been drug and alcohol problems, and recovery from these problems. I have facilitated hundreds of substance abuse groups. I have worked in substance abuse specific programs with both teenagers and adults.

Anxiety: One of my areas of expertise is helping people overcome anxiety and worry. I utilize EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), relaxation skills, breathing exercises and other methods.

Depression: This is very common among adults and children. I have extensive experience helping people feel less depressed through exploring the root causes and taking practical steps for a better outlook on life.

Bipolar Disorder: This is sometimes referred to as Manic Depressive Disorder and is characterized by severe changes in mood and energy levels. I work with people to feel more balanced in daily life.

Anger Management: Everyone gets angry. The problem is not that you get angry but instead what you do when you're angry. I help you learn to manage your anger so it is not impacting your life and others negatively.

Life Transitions: When your life changes for good or bad, it can be hard to “keep it together” and figure out what direction to take. I can help you sort it out and remain calm while working through the transition.

Emotional problems resulting from chronic illness: Emotional problems often accompany physical health issues, especially chronic issues. Whether you were born with the condition or developed it later in life, you or your family may benefit by talking to a professional to navigate living with your illness or being a caregiver.

Other Areas I work with include: LGBTQ issues, Financial Stress, Fear, Physical, Sexual and Emotional Abuse, Domestic Violence, Senior Issues, Job Issues, Grief and Loss.